Release date: October 22, 2020

The most important feature which was added in this release is a change to the supported output formats. Previously, you could render PDF pages to JPG, PNG or other image file formats, but now BufferedImage as also supported. This means it is now possible to create an in memory image object when converting from PDF using PdfRender, which in some cases will be more efficient to work with. A number of customers asked for this, and we were happy to oblige.

pdfRender is a closed source add-on and is currently available for Java, and since version 1.0.1 a CLI version is also available. You will require an iText 7 Core license, a pdfRender license, and version 3.0.6 of the license key library.

You can download pdfRender from our Artifactory here and the API docs can be viewed here.

Release Related Examples

New Features

  • Support for BufferedImage as output format