Release date: October 22, 2020

In this release, we extended the support of the CSS specification to add full support of the background properties in CSS: background-repeat, background-position-x, background-position-y, background-blend-mode, background-clip, background-origin etc. As noted in the release notes for Core, thanks to DinoAGW and mkl for their contributions towards us adding this support.

Besides this, the release brings further improvements to SVG processing, thanks to the introduction of the <symbol> element which is used to define reusable symbols within the SVG content. Please take a look at the examples for this release to give you more insight and use cases.

Speaking of wider support for CSS, the object-fit property that is widely used in responsive HTML markup is now supported by pdfHTML 3.0.2 too.

Besides this, we continue to improve the processing of inline text by adding the text-transform: capitalize property and provide more control over the document conversion process to let developers define custom resource resolving strategies by creating their own ResourceRetriever.

A number of bug fixes are also included. Head on down to the Changelog for more information.

Release Related Examples

New Features

  • Support for custom ResourceResolver
  • Svg <symbol> element
  • Support object-fit CSS property 


  • Handling with"text-transform: capitalize".
  • Full support of all background properties in CSS.
  • The convertToDocument constructor with immediate flush disabled


  • NPE on the empty letter-spacing declaration
  • CSS files cannot be released after conversion


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