iText 7.1.6 is the sixth maintenance release for iText 7.1 Core/Community. We're also updating the add-ons pdfHTML to 2.1.3pdfCalligraph and pdfSweep to 2.0.4.

SVG support was greatly improved in this release. We now support elliptical paths, S/s and T/t commands for relative/absolute smooth cubic and relative/absolute smooth quadratic Bézier paths, and SVG transparency is also now supported.

In total, about 60 tickets were closed, many of which were of significant complexity.

iText Core/Community 7.1.6 for Java - for .NET


  • Improve text extraction with Type 3 fonts
  • Improve ToUnicode for Type0 fonts without subset
  • Preserve border, background and font for FormFields
  • Allow unknown annotation type in PdfAnnotation#makeAnnotation()


  • Update a table's fixed-layout algorithm in case a negative width remains


  • Embed OCSP response for all certificates in the chain in PdfSigner#signDetached
  • Improve OCSPVerifier responder certificate verification
  • Cover the case of updating LTV verification data of PDF when DSS does not contain VRI entry


  • Fixed outstanding issue when handling closePath and moveTo that sometimes resulted in line-joins being applied incorrectly
  • Support S/s (relative/absolute smooth cubic Bézier path), and T/t (relative/absolute smooth quadratic Bézier path) commands
  • Transparency support - colors can have an alpha component, and objects can have a fill-opacity or stroke-opacity
  • Update of Text element handling to allow TSpan support + Initial TSpan support
  • Implement relative values for Svg Path commands C/L/M/S e. C(absolute), c(relative)
  • Added support for Elliptical paths

pdfHTML 2.1.3 for Java - for .NET

  • Improve handling of inline blocks with display:block
  • Do not reset the alignment for RTL elements if it's present
  • Fix anchor links handling with destinations on elements

pdfCalligraph 2.0.4 for Java - for .NET

  • Improved support for Bengali script

pdfSweep 2.0.4 for Java - for .NET

  • Added the ability to redact images with transparencies


New features