For this release, we have added some a minor updates to our iText 7 platform, version 7.0.2. As well as some updates for the License Key Library, pdfHTML and pdfCalligraph.

iText 7 Core 7.0.2

Available on NuGet (.NET) and on Maven Central (Java).

We have released a minor update to our iText 7 platform, version 7.0.2. In this maintenance release, we will support some upcoming product launches (stay tuned!) as well as bugfixes and performance improvements. Beyond these updates, we have also improved:

  • font support with FontProvider/FontSelector

  • advanced page range definition, contributed by GitHub user @NayoLyon (thanks!)

  • auto layout and fixed layout for tables, scaled column widths have been removed

  • Table constructors: combine percent and point column widths

Beyond these improvements, we have also included the following in our latest release:

License Key 2.0.3

Available on NuGet (.NET) and on iText's Artifactory server (Java).

There was an issue with licenses not loading on Java for IBM AIX systems. This has been resolved in 2.0.3. Customers on these systems should upgrade to the new license key library. You can upgrade by adjusting the version in your pom.xml or gradle file to 2.0.3 or by downloading the 2.0.3 version from our Artifactory and adding it to your classpath ( .NET users are not impacted, but we released the License Key library anyway, to keep the Java and .NET version in sync.

pdfCalligraph 1.0.2

Available on NuGet (.NET) and on iText's Artifactory server (Java).

  • added support for Odia, Thai, Gujarati, Telegu, Malayam, Bengali scripts

  • improved RTL support

  • bugfixes and performance improvements

pdfHTML 1.0.0

Available on NuGet (.NET) and on iText's Artifactory server (Java).

  • New HTML to PDF conversion add-on (contact sales for pricing)

  • Similar to iText 5's XMLWorker, but rewritten from scratch

  • Improved performance and reliability, even when using invalid HTML

  • Support RTL and complex scripts out of the box without additional effort

  • Support @media, initial support for @page rules

  • Support base64-encoded images

  • Better CSS positioning support


If you're using Maven as your build tool for Java, add the following XML snippet to your pom.xml. Maven will then do all the heavy lifting for you and download the required modules from the Maven Central Repository.


Because the Java add-ons and the license key library are closed-source, they are not available on the Maven Central Repository. You can get them from the iText Artifactory server. You can add this server as an additional repository in the repositories section of your pom.xml or settings.xml, as described in the Maven documentation. Maven will then automatically query this repository for the add-on jar files.

    <name>iText Repository - releases</name>

After this, you can add the add-on modules to your pom.xml:

  <!-- pdfCalligraph -->
  <!-- pdfHTML -->
  <!-- iText 7 License Key Library -->


iText 7 Community and iText 7 add-ons for .NET are available on NuGet. The iText 7 license key library is a required dependency for these packages, so it will automatically be installed as well. You can install the add-ons by typing the following commands in the NuGet Package Manager:

Install-Package itext7
Install-Package itext7.pdfsweep
Install-Package itext7.pdfcalligraph
Install-Package itext7.pdfinvoice
Install-Package itext7.pdfhtml
Install-Package itext7.licensekey

iText Core

This is a hotfix release on top of iText for .NET 7.0.2; they are functionally identical, except that the following blocking issue was fixed:

ASP.NET users reported the following sequence of fatal exceptions when using iText for .NET 7.0.2 in their web applications:

System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'iText.IO.Util.ResourceUtil' threw an exception. System.NotSupportedException: The invoked member is not supported in a dynamic assembly.

The cause of this was a functional change in 7.0.2 to allow loading of certain resources in dependencies, but this change did not take into account dynamic assembly loading. This bug is now confirmed fixed in

We decided on the version number to avoid any collisions with the development version which was numbered up until now, and will be numbered from now on.

Huge shout-out to Github user @oblaise from LuxTrust S.A, who volunteered the fix necessary to get this to run.

You can find download information for on GitHub.

There is no hotfix for iText 7 for Java, because the bug doesn't occur there.