How to install pdfSweep .NET version

Thank you for your interest in our pdfSweep redaction add-on, we hope you will enjoy using our product and share your experiences with us and the iText community. We will walk you through the installation process, from downloading iText 7 pdfSweep to adding the dependency to your .NET build tool.

If you require any extra help please have a look at our FAQs or the community discussion at StackOverflow. If you are interested in getting support from our in-house developers and/or a license key for commercial iText products, you will need to acquire a commercial license.

Before you install

  • If you want to use pdfSweep for non-commercial purposes, make sure you have read and agreed upon the AGPL license. All downloads we offer open-source come with the AGPL license model.
  • Check the compatibility matrix to ensure the version you specify when adding the add-on's dependency matches the version of iText 7 Core you have a license for.

  • If you want to use pdfSweep for commercial purposes, make sure you have purchased a commercial license of iText 7 Core and pdfSweep. All downloads we offer closed-source come with our commercial license model.
  • For closed-source pdfSweep installation, download and install the proper license key library, you can find the installation guide here.
  • Install iText 7 Core or Community, you can find the installation guide here.
  • Important remark: in our installation guides we use NuGet as a build tool for .NET.


Using the Central Repository

iText 7 pdfSweep is available via Nuget. Simply add iText 7 pdfSweep by typing the following command in the NuGet Package manager: Install-Package itext7.pdfsweep.

Using the iText Artifactory Server

iText 7 pdfSweep NuGet packages are also available on the iText Artifactory server. You can add it as a custom NuGet repository to Visual Studio. In the NuGet Package Manager, go to the settings and add the following URL as a package source: You can also browse the iText Artifactory server and download NuGet packages manually.

iText 7 Core .NET on GitHub

The source code is available on GitHub.

You can download the modules (.nupkg) of iText 7 pdfSweep in a single ZIP file for the .NET. Version.