This selector restricts the area on the page where the text data is located. This is the easiest way to extract data from documents with a fixed template (forms, driver licenses, passports, and so on).

The selector properties define which borders of the region should be taken into account to restrict the extracted data.


  1. Left
    If selected, only characters to the left of the left border will be extracted. 
  2. Right
    If selected, only characters to the right of the right border will be extracted.
  3. Top
    If selected, only characters below the top border will be extracted.
  4. Bottom
    If selected, only characters above the bottom border will be extracted.
At least one of the options has to be selected.

This selection extracts all characters above the bottom border, and between the left and the right borders of the selector region.

Expert mode keyword

boundary: left | right | bottom | top

Note: The selector boundary without arguments is equivalent to  boundary: left right bottom top. This means only characters inside the selector region will be extracted.

Input data format:


Output data format: 


Example (Expert mode)

boundary: left right bottom

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